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data science for good

4 Key Takeaways about Data Science for Good

The global “data science for good” movement has found ways to create more equitable and sustainable societies through the power of data. The role of John Paul Farmer, Director of Technology & Civic Innovation at Microsoft, brings together technology with cross-disciplinary collaboration to create positive change. John and his team work with local governments, organizations, companies, research institutions, and ethical hackers.
What is location data

What is Location Data … and Why Should You Care? | Data & Me

Gil Elbaz of Factual shares insights on location data and it's importance for innovation in this episode of Data & Me. The ease with which we are able to move through the world, find what we want, and solve problems are due in major part to the massive collection and databasing of information about our physical world that is then integrated with the digital services we access regularly. This location data is equally as valuable for businesses to innovate and optimize their offerings to customer desires and needs. What's more, technologies that will re-shape our world in the next thirty years, like autonomous drive and augmented reality, will depend on location data to create a deep understanding of the physical world in which they operate.

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latest posts

Hollywood animator turning data into dollars

Infographic | How Hollywood Animators Turn Data into Dollars

Animated movies rely on digital artists and software engineers to manipulate thousands of data points to create the movement of every detail in a scene. The result is terabytes (TB) of data that require optimized object storage and an incredible amount of compute (both locally and in the cloud) to create the final product. In this infographic, we walk you through the immense storage and compute required to turn computer generated data points into animated box office magic.