5 Ways AR is Going to Rock Your World

5 Ways AR is Going to Rock Your World

There’s no doubt Augmented Reality (AR) has had its ups and downs over the last few years. But one powerful little thing is changing everything: that mini super-computer we all own know as our smartphones.

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Constant innovations in the chip technologies and manufacturing that drive our smart devices mean we can store more and more data in a smaller amount of space, and process it faster every year. This has opened the floodgates for accessible, propitious software and accompanying peripherals that seek to enhance our interaction with the world around us.

So while we may not all be epically impressed with what AR has offered to date, there’s no doubt we’ve hit a tipping point. The limitations are rapidly evaporating, and big industry players are committed to changing your perception (and opinion) about AR.

Let’s take a peek at some ways AR is sure to rock your world in the next few years.

5 Ways AR is Going to Rock Your World

See clearly. 

AR is going to help us see the world in a whole new light. You don’t have to imagine a pair of glasses that help the partially sighted see better by enhancing key environmental elements. Those were introduced in January at CES. How about windshields that present a daytime view no matter what time of day it is. Oh, and they also detect and alert you to any objects (like deer) on a trajectory towards your car. Is that the sound of insurance rates dropping I hear?

5 Ways AR is Going to Rock Your World

Multi-dimensional entertainment.

Beyond AR stickers, emojis and face-swapping fun, there will be a whole new layer of interaction as AR shows up in surprising ways. Imagine a concert where the music becomes “visible” and lyrics float above the crowd.  Even advertising will hit a new level of entertainment value, such as with this bus shelter ad that bends reality.

5 Ways AR is Going to Rock Your World

Game in your own backyard … or street, or room, or wherever you are.

Expect scavenger-type games to be taken to new levels as gaming goes AR and play starts interacting more and more with a native environment. Imagine fighting off ninja’s as they invade the room you’re actually sitting in, or solving an escape-the-room puzzle all done as virtual layers over any location you might be.

5 Ways AR is Going to Rock Your World

Tour your way.

In the near future AR will be your guide, seamlessly integrating with your adventurous spirit. Instead of spending the trip looking down to look up landmarks, you’ll have the information you want layered onto the world in front of you in real time. You won’t have to miss a thing!

5 Ways AR is Going to Rock Your World

New meaning to try before you buy.

They’re already starting. Big brands are already developing or rolling out AR apps for trying on everything from makeup and clothing to decor and furniture. In the near future, you won’t have to guess at any purchase. You’ll be able to see how it all fits into your existing space and on your body before you spend a single dollar.


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