AI IoT The Intelligence of Things

AI + IoT = The Intelligence of Things

In the near future there’s a technological evolution coming. A merging of a sensor-laden world with an artificially intelligent one. It’s called the Intelligence of Things, and it will change our lives forever.

So what’s that world look like? Let’s say a wall in your house becomes damaged by water intrusion. By the time you notice, odds are the wall needs to be replaced. If the wall had moisture detecting sensors it would alert you so you could immediately take action. That’s the Internet of Things in action. But what if we embed an artificial intelligence (AI) into the home and give it access to the moisture sensors. Well, the AI could immediately contact a repair service to come fix the source of the leak, negotiate a deal based on current market conditions, even make a payment.

Now scale this example to the entire planet. Futurist Jason Silva has pondered, explored, and returned with his analysis of what’s to come and created a video with his thoughts. Check it out, above!

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