Artificial Intelligence in the Real World – Panel Discussion

AI of today can process large amounts of data to infer and deliver insightful solutions to problems. But how far can we take this? Where do we draw the line? Is Artificial Intelligence one-size-fits all? And where in that equation, do humans fit in? Shivan Zilis moderates a panel discussion with Andrew Arruda, Justine Cassell, Ken Denman and Babak Hodjat that ask and answer all of these questions, and more.


  1. The scalable aspects of AI – data collection, storage, processing power – were neglected for a long time, and the focus was on algorithms. That has changed.
  2. AI augments humans, and is dependent on our expertise. It should grow with us, and as we interact with it. It makes humans more human; makes us better.
  3. When it comes to data, transparency is key. We should choose what we collect, set our own blind spots, and have full control over the context.

Artificial Intelligence in the Real World – Panel Discussion

What about you?

Would you ever trust AI to run your business? Manage your portfolio? Drive you to work?

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