Autonomous Cars and the Future of Road Safety

Mark Davis, Senior Director, Design Research, Autodesk; Hon. Christopher A. Hart, Chairman, U.S. National Transportation Safety Board; Felix Holst, Founding Partner, Hack Rod. Moderated by Alex Webb, Technology Reporter, Bloomberg News


According to the World Health Organization 1.2 million people die every year from automobile crashes. With this in mind, so much of how a modern car is designed is about safety. But with all the major automotive manufacturers announcing the intent to bring autonomous cars to market, so much of the bulk and complexity surrounding human safety can be reduced, making this not only a renaissance in the way vehicles are designed, but also making this the most radical time for transportation since the motor car was invented.

Key highlights

  • The acceleration of advancements surrounding autonomous cars has rapidly ramped up in the last few years
  • This is fueled by the advancements in venues ranging manufacturing to A.I.
  • This has created tremendous opportunities for automotive designers allowing them to shift their emphases from performance criteria, such as energy consumption, to include considerations such as passenger comfort

Autonomous Cars and the Future of Road Safety

What do you think?

What do you think is the future of autonomous cars? How will they change the landscape of transportation safety? And what impact will this have on consumers? On driving-related professionals such as truck drivers, taxi drivers, and chauffeurs? And for vehicle manufacturers and the diverse web of international industries that provide them with products and services?

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