why big data experts love data

There might be millions of different data applications in the world today, but we found one thing big data experts agree on for sure: They LOVE data. For Valentine’s Day this year, we’re celebrating the devotion between scientists and their statistics by asking big data experts what’s so appealing about it — and we hope you’ll love their responses…

big data experts love data

Big Data Expert, Dr. Kirk Borne Counts the Ways He Loves Data …

“First, data is a rich source of insights and discovery about any domain, to understand deeper the things that we already know about the domain and to discover new things that we did not know about it.

Second, data is the fuel (the essential input) for interesting algorithms and models that can be used to help predict the future, to optimize outcomes, to reveal emerging trends, and to detect anomalies, sometimes before they happen.

Third, data is sensory input to our natural human activities of pattern detection and pattern recognition that become the basis for nearly all human decisions and actions as we move forward through our world.

Fourth, data are measurements that encode knowledge – as such, data delivers a wonderful very human challenge to us to decode that knowledge and consequently to become smarter and wiser about people, processes, events, and all things.

Finally (for this short list), data ignites innovation, transformation, and value creation in all organizations and businesses through pattern exploration and pattern exploitation within the digital signals that flow all around us.”

“Because all data is not equal, the “Right Data” or “Signal Rich Data” has a mathematical personality, a topology that reveals geometric patterns in it. Data can tell the story—raw and insightful—and can be the breadcrumbs to disproportionate intelligence, a sort of unfair competitive advantage. In the end data is the foundation for superior business performance and sustained industry leadership.”

Janet George, Western Digital Chief Data Scientist


Alires Almon, Founder of Deep Space Predictive Research Group loves the clarity data brings …

“Like the lyrics from the famous song, data helps us see clearly through the clouded “rain” of judgement and emotion. When an issue is presented with an objective lens like data, it takes away any stigma or assumptions about an issue. It allows one to address an issue as it shown by the data.

When it comes to assessing behavior, data allows us to look at the issue and be able to help a person, group or organization understand what their world looks like from an objective lens. Challenging discussions can be focused on an objective topic and not judgement that is often associated with emotional investment. Now we can’t promise it won’t rain again, but at least we will know how to deal with it and play in the puddles with glee!”

“Because playing with data is like cuddling with the truth.”

Jasper Slingsby, South African Environmental Observation Network


At Western Digital, We Love Data for the Possibilities It’s Enabling In Our World

We’re so passionate, we launched this very website in 2016 to share innovative stories of the technologies and big data applications creating a smarter, safer world. Just this past year, we looked at a few ways data can even influence love itself. From online matches to predicting behavior, here’s a few more data love articles you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day:

Do You Love Data? Tell us why in the comments.

And have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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