Can Data Make Better Movement Possible?

Can Data Make Better Movement Possible?

We sat down with Kevin Vandi, DPT, OCS, and CSCS at Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy to discover exactly that. Can data evolve our approach to physical therapy? Can it personalize treatment plans for more effective results, and improve physical performance? Vandi believes that the future of physical therapy is bright if we can move towards embracing data as “data will drive outcomes.” If we move away from the subjective (what you can see with your eye and judge based on history) and move towards technology, metrics and concrete data, what are the possibilities? Watch and learn.

About Data & Me

Data is, of course, reshaping our existence. At the macro level, it transforms the very DNA of cities, communities, and societies as a whole. At the micro level, it fully evolves the very essence of the individual and the way people touch, experience and interacts with life. The Data & Me series illuminates this micro-experience and the data-driven transformation and evolution happening every day at the human level.

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