Data, Data Everywhere, With Lots of Drops to Drink

Today, the world runs on a nearly infinite amount of data gathered day-in and day-out, every week, month and year.

Every time we swipe, tap, push or click, we’re generating a record. An up-to-date footprint on our collective behavior and choices. It tells us how, where and why people do what they do in our rapidly changing world.

Most of this data goes back to the businesses and organizations that we frequent in order to provide improved goods and services. But, what if this data was used in new and innovative ways?

For instance, cell phone data. Data scientists have effectively repurposed cell phone data and shown the correlation between human migration and the spread of Zika. It has also been used as a powerful aid in tracking the progress of natural disasters when combined with weather-related datasets.

We at Western Digital understand the power of data and are passionate about its use as a catalyst for new possibilities. That is why we are partnering with UN Global Pulse, the United Nations Secretary-General’s innovation initiative on big data, to launch the Data for Climate Action Challenge.

We are calling on the brightest minds in data science — from statisticians, modelers and researchers, to engineers, coders and developers — to harness the power of data for climate action. Insights and solutions generated through this Challenge will help people better mitigate the effects of climate shocks like major storms or disasters, adapt to new ways of living in a new climate reality and learn how to be more resilient in the face of changes caused by climate shifts.


Now through 17 April, 2017, we’re calling on anyone with data science genius to apply for the Challenge at and show the world the power of data-informed solutions.


This is a unique opportunity to gain unprecedented access to data sources + tools and win prizes (including cash prizes, exclusive WIRED Brand Lab interview and article feature, @WIREDInsider takeover). Ultimately, you will be putting your skills to use for the global public good. Show the world the power and possibilities data enables.


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