Data Now and Forever

Data Now and Forever – with Mike Cordano and Jason Silva

Bionics, Autonomous Vehicles, and Augmented Reality? Company President and Futurist on the Future World of Data.

Autonomous cars, biotechnology and more. We asked two people intimately familiar with data and its impact on tomorrow about the possibilities that excite them—Mike Cordano, President and Chief Operating Officer of Western Digital, and Jason Silva, futurist, acclaimed TV host and data personality. Mike and Jason sat down and were tasked to blindly select provocative questions from a bowl of data-related queries. Read on to see their surprising reactions and answers!

The First Hello and Talking Data

1) Mike meet Jason, Jason meet Mike.  Now that you both are friends, please share with us, what does the state of data look like right now?

What’s the True Value of Data?

2) Mike, Jason, is raw data inherently valuable?

Would You Go Bionic?

3) Mike and Jason, if you could use biosensors to improve just one of your senses, which sense would it be?

A Couple Qs on an Autonomous Future

4) First up, should we continue our pursuit of autonomous cars?

5) Next, suppose there comes a day where you have your own fully autonomous car. Where would be the first place that you would visit?

Final Qs on the Power of Data

6) Okay, Mike and Jason, imagine a world where our data lives forever. What do you think a future with ever-living data means?

7) It’s the year 2049. The world will probably look much different than it does now. What do you think the world will look like?

Agree or disagree with Mike and Jason’s insights? There is no shortage of thoughts on how our world could be shaped by data and technology over the next few decades. Now, it’s your turn! Drop us a comment below to share your thoughts!


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