A Data Revolution For Climate Action

A Data Revolution for Climate Action

The United Nations Global Pulse and Western Digital announced the winners of the Data for Climate Action Challenge (D4CA) at an event kicking off the Sustainable Innovation Forum in Bonn during COP23. The event celebrated the winning projects and brought together business leaders, data scientists, and climate experts for interactive discussions, presentations, and demonstrations of data visualizations and innovations.

In this video section, Dave Tang, Senior Vice President, Western Digital, and Robert Kirkpatrick, Director, U.N. Global Pulse, highlight some of the opportunities and challenges around catalyzing data for good.

In his presentation, Dave Tang spoke of the need for public-private partnership and collaboration, stating that “through the Data for Climate Action challenge and our partnership with the UN [Global Pulse], we believe we are helping the planet to thrive […] and we look forward to continuing these efforts.” He went on to highlight the importance of using data for action on climate change, and for the public good more broadly: “Climate action is only the beginning. If we are able to capture, preserve, access, and transform data, we can unlock solutions to help not only individuals, but our communities and our planet to thrive.”


Robert Kirkpatrick reiterated the importance of “new sources of data, new technologies, and new analytical approaches, [that] if applied responsibly, can allow us to better monitor progress toward the SDGs in a way that is both inclusive and fair.” He spoke of the opportunities of the data revolution not just for improving measurement, but also – and most importantly – around “harnessing the power of real-time and predictive analytics to transform decision-making at an operational level.”

He continued by providing a short account of the work of UN Global Pulse as an innovation initiative of the UN system that works to leverage the power of data analytics for sustainable development and humanitarian action.

Data Makes Possible will continue to highlight each of the enriching and inspirational speakers from the event.


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