On-Demand Video From our August 25th Event

On August 25 2016 Bloomberg and Western Digital hosted an event titled, “Data Revolution: How AI and Machine Learning Are Remaking Our World,” which brought together leaders from industry, academia, and government to discuss cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous vehicles. Below is a collection of on-demand videos covering the sessions and panels from the show. And we encourage you to visit this site in the days and weeks to come as we provide synopses of each session with key highlights.

Opening remarks for “Data Revolution: How AI and Machine Learning Are Remaking Our World”


Eric Wagner, Vice President, Content Marketing, Cross-Platform Businesses, Bloomberg BNA, and Stephen D. Milligan, Chief Executive Officer, Western Digital Corporation, provide opening remarks at the Bloomberg Government “Data Revolution: How AI and Machine Learning Are Remaking Our World” event.

Machine Intelligence in National and Cyber Security


Since its inception 50 years ago, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA’s singular goal has been to invest in technological breakthroughs in the service of national security. Beyond military use, many seminal, game-changing technologies in civilian life, including GPS, voice recognition and language translation, originated from DARPA.

An early champion of self-driving cars, DARPA is once again at the forefront of a revolutionary technology. We’ll discuss with Dr. John Launchbury how smart data and machine intelligence is re-shaping national security. How does AI help or complicate electronic warfare? As big technology companies rival the Pentagon in R&D in this space, how will it engage the private sector and leverage its innovations? Conversely, what are the next big DARPA breakthroughs that can animate civilian life?

AI: Impact on Economy and Society


In this session, we discuss how AI and machine learning algorithms can transform the economy and society—from impact on jobs to fears of an intelligence explosion. What are the social and technical challenges of teaching computers to learn via unsupervised learning to achieve human-level intelligence?

How can innovation keep pace with job displacement? How can we develop an economic system that adapts as quickly to advances in technology? How can this technology revolution be democratized? What kind of policies and laws should be in place to ensure benefits are felt as widely as possible, much like the minimum wage, workplace safety and environmental regulations that secured the gains of the Industrial Revolution for average people?

Data for Social Good


How is machine intelligence being used to solve the world’s toughest and most complex problems—and do them at scale? In this session, we’re bringing together a philanthropy engineer, a game theory expert and the director of the UN’s data innovation lab to discuss the responsible application of smart data for public good.

We’ll discuss how data and machine-learning technologies are bringing aid to Syria, stopping child pornography rings, saving endangered wildlife, preventing HIV and providing real-time insights into public perception of global health issues. We’ll discuss how the public, private and non-profit sectors around the world are working together to harness the power of these emerging technologies for security, sustainability and all manners of social good.

Keynote Address



  • The Honorable Anthony Foxx, Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation

Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

With computers increasingly able to see, listen, speak, and develop cognitive abilities, we’ll explore some of the near-term, real-world applications of machine intelligence. How have these revolutionary new set of tools pushed the boundaries of problem-solving in everyday life?

Artificial Intelligence in the Real World – The AI Lawyer


Presented by:

  • Andrew Arruda, CEO & Co-Founder, ROSS Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in the Real World – The Socially-Aware Robot Assistant

Presented by:

  • Justine Cassell, Associate Dean for Technology, Strategy & Impact and Director Emerita, Human Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Artificial Intelligence in the Real World – The Personal Shopper


Presented by:

  • Babak Hodjat, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Sentient Technologies

Artificial Intelligence in the Real World – Panel Discussion



  • Andrew Arruda, CEO & Co-Founder, ROSS Intelligence
  • Justine Cassell, Associate Dean for Technology, Strategy & Impact and Director Emerita, Human Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Ken Denman, CEO, Emotient
  • Babak Hodjat, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Sentient Technologies

Moderated by:

  • Shivon Zilis, Partner, Bloomberg Beta

VC Talk: Investing in Smart Data and Machine Intelligence


There is a veritable gold rush in machine learning technologies, with investments in AI up 76% from last year alone, according to CB Insights. We’ll have a free-wheeling and revealing conversation between investors in the space about the fierce competition among start-ups, tech titans, industry giants, academic institutions and venture capitalists for the next big thing.

Is the market getting overheated, and are AI winters a thing of the past? Is it better to grow into an Uber or be bought by an Apple? What are some of the big, unsolved challenges facing AI and how much more science needs to be done to realize most of the hype surrounding what data and deep learning can accomplish? Will AI be the next PC or Internet in its scope and transformative power?

Robots in our Midst


With all sorts of mobile robots in development, we’ll discuss how near—or far—we are in building machines that achieve full human proficiency—combining visual, language and cognitive abilities with critical motor skills–and be able to navigate the real world, with all it complexities and unpredictability, alongside humans.

Autonomous Cars and the Future of Road Safety


The race for self-driving cars is in full speed and running on different tracks. We’ll discuss how machine-learning technologies are impacting automotive design and culture with the creators of the world’s first AI-designed car.

How will autonomous cars transform the nation’s transportation system? The Hon. Christopher Hart of the NTSB weighs in on the impact of rapid development and reliance on increasingly sophisticated automation systems, including autopilot. What lessons can car manufacturers and drivers, without the benefit of simulators and co-pilots, learn from the aviation industry’s long ascent towards automation? With technological advancements far outpacing regulation and legislation, what kind of policies does the NTSB recommend to promote innovation while protecting consumers’ privacy and safety on the nation’s roads and highways?

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