Why We Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Why We Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to artificial intelligence, society marvels at the innovation made possible by AI while simultaneously being fearful of its use (and misuse).

But, there’s more to look forward to than to fear. While artificial intelligence is pushing forward advancements such as autonomous vehicles and automated medical diagnoses, we as humans have the advantage of distributed cognition. That’s why Jason Silva—futurist and TV host—thinks that we should embrace, not fear, artificial intelligence.

Hear more from Jason about AI, big data, and the on-demand economy.

With distributed cognition, we can learn from feedback loops from other people, tools, and environments. Combine these non-biological insights with our natural intelligence and we can see humans as hybrids of collective wisdom. When it comes to AI, then, there’s a case to be made to watch over its development, but not to fear it. Watch Jason in the above video explain why we should embrace the future that could be made possible by artificial intelligence.

“Embrace technology, embrace the future, embrace what’s possible,” Jason Silva, Futurist and TV Host


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