Fast Data Disruption in Our On-Demand Economy

AI, Big Data, and the On-Demand Economy

Have you ever wanted something that you couldn’t have right away? Maybe it was a certain food, a favorite movie, or a new pair of shoes. Regardless, it was an itch that was never scratched.

Welcome to the On-Demand Economy

As people find out, it’s often difficult to satisfy a craving in the moment. Not in the new economy, however. Fast data is disrupting markets and economies around the world. Ordering a ride, paying a bill, and even buying a house can be done from your fingertips. It’s a world of possibilities in your pocket. In such a world, data would flow freely so that your imagination could be served up by technology.

Futurist Jason Silva is excited to uncover what exactly this on-demand economy means for our everyday lives. Check out his thoughts in the above video!

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