Future of Artificial Intelligence: Impact on Economy and Society

Michael Littman (Brown University, left) Richard Mallah (Future of Life Institute), and Roy Bahat (Bloomberg Data) discussing the future of artificial intelligence on the economy and society


Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence are happening every month, and as we gather more data and evolve existing algorithms, it will soon become exponential. But what does this mean for the economy, and are our jobs safe? In a session moderated by Roy Bahat, Michael Littman and Richard Mallah discuss the current state of AI, its limitations, and eventual cause for concerns.


  1. AI allows people to use their expertise, but could automate jobs with static problems.
  2. Since not everyone is equally on the grid, the data we have isn’t “clean enough” yet.
  3. We decide how the future of articial intelligence AI evolves, but need to make it stick to what it’s supposed to do.

What’s the Impact of the Future of Artificial Intelligence?


What about you?

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