health data for expectant mothers

Health Data: What Helps Moms When They’re Expecting

Each day, nearly 50,000 babies are born in India1. That amounts to around 1.5 million newborns per month and 18 million every year. But, pregnancy has its health risks. To help keep expecting mothers safer, medical professionals are monitoring their patients’ wellness using health data from wearables.

Parents who are planning for the birth of their child have plenty to worry about. There are baby clothing, blankets, feeding, diapering, bath time, and bed time. And that’s without even worrying about the financial side of raising a newborn to adulthood. In the United States alone, a family might spend well over $200,000 to raise a single kid2!

It’s clear that expecting parents have a lot on their plate. But, making sure pregnant mothers stay healthy is also a critical part to the process. After all, health complications can lead to potential risks for both a mother and her child. That’s why a startup in India is using data to help save lives of expecting mothers. The company, Gigacure Healthcare, is developing a smartwatch that monitors and manages the health of moms-to-be, utilizing artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

health data expectant mothers

To learn how connected technology is being used in personal health, we spoke with Prajjwal Sinha, who serves as Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Gigacure. (Responses have been lightly edited for clarity.)

Interview with Prajjwal Sinha, Chief Strategy Officer at Gigacure Healthcare Analytics

1. Can you give us a little background on Gigacure?

PRAJJWAL: We are working on a health watch that could potentially save the lives of thousands of pregnant women and their unborn children. By creating a health-focused wearable device, we can perform predictive analysis of vital health signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and SpO2 (an estimate of the oxygen level in a person’s blood).

2. How is your team putting your business plan into action?

health data expectant mothersPRAJJWAL: My team has been working on our smart device for the past 18 months. We have been able to develop the alpha version of the product, which is currently being tested. Also, Gigacure has been in discussions with multiple maternity hospitals about partnerships and bringing our product to market.

3. What were your biggest takeaways from the Data Innovation Bazaar and Bootcamp?

PRAJJWAL: Attending Western Digital’s Data Innovation Bazaar gave Gigacure recognition at a national level in India. This amplification helped us greatly in partnering with hospitals. When working in healthcare, hospitals and healthcare professionals need to trust the credibility of their technology partners. Being a top team at the Data Innovation Bazaar and Bootcamp really helped these groups in their decisions to partner with our company.

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4. Did you learn anything new about Western Digital through this process?

PRAJJWAL: #1. For almost six years, I have actually been using a Western Digital portable hard disk drive. Little did I know that Western Digital is one of the largest data storage companies in the world and has a software composable infrastructure that stores a significant amount of the world’s data.

#2. We loved how well everything was organized. It was obvious why Western Digital is a technology leader. I really appreciate Akshara Bassi (Program Manager) who would pick up our calls anytime of the day to guide us about the event.

#3. It was really inspiring to meet Supria Dhanda (Vice President, Country Manager of Western Digital India) and many others during the Data Innovation Bootcamp. Her energy radiated and gave everyone life!

#4. I was impressed by Lokesh Ayireddy (Director, Strategy and Government Relations). He was humble and genuinely cared for the startups at the boot camp. This is something that we don’t see enough in the corporate world.

#5. Paul Kagoo (Vice President, Corporate Strategy) had 3 helpful days of sessions packed with knowledge and suggestions.

My overall takeaway was that to grow Gigacure, we need to have a very solid team filled with energy. In addition, we need to genuinely care for our customers and become subject matter experts in our field.

5. Why do you believe that supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in India is important?


“Entrepreneurs need support and guidance from industry veterans; those who have seen the business world and know startups that succeeded and those that failed.”

Frankly speaking, entrepreneurs who run startups need parents who can adopt them! After all, it is quite difficult to be innovative when you hardly have enough funds to survive as a company.

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