Jason Silva Data Makes Possible

Data Makes Possible with Jason Silva

Emmy-nominated TV host, global keynote speaker, acclaimed futurist…the list of accolades for Jason Silva goes on and on. As our celebrated data philosopher, Jason weaves the story of data as it touches not only our personal lives, but the very existence of humankind.

His stories explore the complex relationships between disruptive technologies such as AI and IoT with our health, climate, and more. Get ready to have your mind blown with our series, “Data Makes Possible”, with Jason Silva!

1) Introducing a New Series with Jason Silva

We’re really, genuinely, incredibly excited (okay, totally psyched!) to introduce a collaboration with Jason Silva. Call this a trailer, call this a teaser – it is but a taste of mind-blowing things to come.


2) IoT + AI = The Intelligence of Things

The Internet of Things is making everyday objects into data factories. With enough of these devices, with enough data — and the right artificial intelligence tool – you’ve got a recipe for something new. Something big. The Intelligence of Things.


3) Behold! Big Data and the Future of Medicine

The computing power to analyze and understand diseases and find cures exists today, but one key element is missing: data. But thanks to big data and the ever-increasing size, and decreasing cost, of storage, that’s changing.


4) We are the Captains of Spaceship Earth!

Data is the digital beating heart of our planet. By extending smart sensors all over the skies and seas of Earth, we can start to see patterns. Patterns that give us insight into our public policy efforts to mitigate and adapt to our changing climate.


5) Mind Uploading

Everybody dies…right? What if we can take the very essence of what we call “self,” our mind, personality, memories and attributes, translate that into patterns of data and upload it into a digital housing? Does that mean we can live forever?


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