climate change and the impending food shortage

Infographic | Avoiding the Impending Food Shortage

As global temperatures increase, the links in our food chain could break.

From reduced yields from livestock (milk-yields could lower because of drought) to an increase in plant pests (these pests tend to survive better and reproduce more in warmer climates). Climate change poses real threats to every major food group thanks to frequent heat waves and heavier precipitation. These threats can impact our growing global demand for food, too. According to one estimate, in order to meet the demand for food in 2050, annual world production of crops and livestock will need to be 60 percent higher than it was in 2006.

To lower the demand for food, tend your own garden or even limit the number of meat-based meals you consume each day (plus, greenhouse gas emissions come from the production of meat and dairy). These small tweaks can make a big difference as we move closer to an inflection point with food demand and availability as a result of climate change.

Data Impact-Avoiding the Impending Food Shortage

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Data Impact: What Could Happen in a World that's 4 degrees warmer

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