Jason Silva Investigates What Data Makes Possible

Hard to believe we’ve been talking about the things Data Makes Possible for just about a year now. We’ve learned a lot in that time – from AI lawyers to the vulnerability of the devices we’re surrounded by to how data is making medicine as personal as a fingerprint – and we certainly hope you’ve found some measure of enlightenment, too. So, for the next phase of our journey into the decade (century?) of data, we’re mixing it up a bit. And we’re starting with a new video series by futurist, TV personality, and technology Wonder Junkie Jason Silva.

In the months to come, Jason will take us all on a journey into the evolutionary, revolutionary – and personal – changes data is making possible on our planet, our societies, our bodies. See the trailer above for a taste of what’s to come, and be sure to check back soon for the launch of the official first video in this series.