The Year’s Most Fascinating Perspectives on Data — Best of Kirk Borne

It’s fair to say that, to Dr. Kirk Borne, data is much more than just an asset — Data is his passion!

Kirk serves as the Principal Data Scientist for one of the world’s foremost technology and consulting firms. He focuses on applications of data science, data management, machine learning, AI, and modeling across a wide variety of disciplines.

Previously, he worked as an astrophysicist for nearly two decades at the most prestigious civilian space program in the United States, and later as a university professor. With his deep knowledge of data science, Kirk is known worldwide as a data scientist.

He has given hundreds of invited talks worldwide, and is a top big data and data science subject expert on social media channels including Twitter and LinkedIn, with over 250 thousand followers.

Kirk is excited to explore how data is positively impacting the way that people live and work. Data that’s more predictive, productive and personal helps businesses, people and relationships thrive.

Catch up on what Kirk’s been saying about the possibilities of data!

Busting Bias with More Data Variety

Learn why it’s critically important to have big data variety – multiple, diverse data sources – in order to minimize bias & arrive at objective conclusions.
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Why Big Data Experts Love Data
why big data experts love data
There might be millions of data applications in today’s world, but there’s one thing big data experts agree on: They love data – and here’s why.
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Sensor Analytics at Micro Scale on the xPU
sensor analytics at micro scale
There’s a growing analytics sector that is focused on the smallest scale, as digital sensors drive us into the new era of sensor analytics.
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How Analytics by Design Tackles The Yin and Yang of Metrics and Data
big data Analytics by Design
Considering the importance of an analytics-first strategy in business, we should be thinking about outcomes first, then data. This is Analytics by Design.
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Internet of Context: The Promise of AI and 5G Convergence
5G and AI convergence
For implementing AI in robotics and autonomous vehicles, especially when they are time-critical, we can speed up the essential data rates via 5G networks.
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The Rule of Least Power in Data Analytics

Learn how a computer programming principle can be applied to your next data analytics project in order to achieve your business requirements.
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There’s More Kirk on the Way!

With his deep industry experience, Kirk’s knowledge about all things data is vast. In the coming months, we’ll share even more insights from Dr. Kirk Borne about a variety of new topics, so subscribe to our newsletter or just check back with us regularly for more of Kirk’s insights!

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