Sensors Embedded in Smart Clothing Change the Meaning of “Dressing Smart”

Our bodies produce detectable data every day — blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and much more — and the newest generations of smart clothing will make it easier to record, access, analyze, and utilize that data. Activity trackers that you wear on your wrist are just the beginning of smart clothing technology using data-driven analytics to transform your everyday life.

Watch and learn from GQ Executive Stylist Brett Fahlgren as he explores the personalized experience of data scientist-engineered shirts, shoes, and dresses. These cutting-edge threads can change the way we live by monitoring us as we engage in daily activities and connecting to others in beneficial ways.

A New Season for Smart Clothing

Fashion and data are coming together in other exciting ways, too. Find out how data is helping fashion houses determine how they design clothes and how embedded technology in clothes will increasingly interface with the outside world.

This content is produced by WIRED Brand Lab in collaboration with Western Digital Corporation


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