Observing Earth Day: Quick Ideas for Positive Action

Earth day is something I’ve been aware of since very early in elementary school. In fact, by the time I learned to read and write English (Italian was my first language), I was learning about being mindful of the environment. The things I was taught – recycling, avoiding products with CFC’s, not pouring chemicals such as paint into the sewer – are things I still practice or think about today.

Whether you believe climate change is a legitimate phenomenon or not, environmental-conscious and common-sense thought and actions help everyone in your community, city, and even the world. For example:

  • Composting, rather than burning, leaves can result in as much as $50 worth of useful earth for gardening and doesn’t force everyone around you to breathe unpleasant smoke for a few hours.
  • Disposing of harmful chemicals (and other products such as e-waste) properly keeps them out of our water tables, streams, and other sources of water, keeping them safe to drink and even swim in.

Further Reading

We’ve written in the past about environmental issues and how data is being used to combat climate change. We’ve rounded up some of our posts below.

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Do you have any earth-day plans? Sound off in the comments!