Precision Medicine: How can Data Revolutionize Treatment?

Twenty thousand genes in the human body together with lifestyle choices and a myriad of environmental factors comprise the code that makes each person unique. But medical treatment has traditionally come in a one-size-fits-all approach. The convergence of cutting-edge science and data analytics has produced a revolutionary opportunity for the personalization of medical treatments—bespoke medicine, if you will. Data insights and foresights are opening doors for public and private partnership to drive the next wave of medical breakthroughs. What does the future of personalized medicine look like?

Hear from Atul Butte, Director of the Institute for Computational Health Sciences at UCSF and Principal Investigator of the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine program, and Esteban Gonzalez Burchard, Professor of Bioengineering & Therapeutic Sciences and Medicine and Director of the Center for Genes, Environments & Health at UCSF—as they discuss why one size does not fit all, and what the future of healthcare looks like.

Is data the key to a healthier tomorrow?

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