How Santa Gets Smart with Data Technology

Infographic | What if Santa Got a Tech Upgrade?

Santa might be magical, but he’s still only one guy … and let’s face it, he’s definitely getting up there in years—what’s he, like 1500 by now? Surely Mrs. Claus and the Elves would appreciate a little rest and relaxation as well.

So, what would make Santa’s life a lot easier? Technology, of course.

Data-driven technologies would be especially helpful in Santa’s case, where he has 2 billioncustomers to deliver to—and only one night to do it!

From more easily identifying what kids want, to turning a one-night logistical nightmare into a delivery dream scenario, advances either already available or just around the corner would be a major game changer for jolly ole’ Saint Nick.

At Western Digital, we understand what data needs and build environments for it to thrive. So, for this holiday season, we’ve brought to life the fun ways Santa could get a data technology upgrade in the infographic below.

How Santa Gets Smart with Data Technology

To pull off this jolly mission, Santa will be leveraging data-powered technologies like AI, predictive modeling, IoT devices and edge computing. But realizing those sugar-plum dreams doesn’t stop there. The purpose-built infrastructure offering the right amount of storage and compute when and where he needs it is just as important as the tech itself.

Learn more about how Santa’s tech is already being applied in our world by exploring the links below:

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Western Digital!



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