Signals from Orbit Provide New Earthly Insights

Signals from Orbit Provide New Earthly Insights

From space, our world has no borders. The truth of this is immensely evident when viewing Earth and collecting its data from outer space. In this new Bloomberg video, Shay Har-Noy, General Manager, Platform Business, DigitalGlobe discusses efforts to use data collected from orbital sources to analyze changes on Earth and enrich lives around the globe.

The challenges around satellite-captured data include how to parse through a catalog of environmental and mapping data to discover meaningful insights and actionable intelligence. The opportunities for utilizing satellite data include national defense/security, environment modeling comparing data from 1999-present, and high-definition mapping used for drone navigation and autonomous car development. Watch the video to learn more.

Eyes in the Sky

There are, of course, many uses for data collected from satellite monitoring systems. Read about the use of satellite imagery and machine vision algorithms to combat global deforestation, or watch a short video about the data driving those driverless cars.


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