Sparking the Debate: Why a Data Think Tank is Needed, Now

This is the #DataMakesPossible Think Tank. An open forum promoting fluid, ongoing discussions around the possibilities of data and its profound implications on the world we live in.

Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine Learning. Autonomous transport. Internet of Things. Resource-efficient sustainable production. Robotics. 3-D printing. By the time you read this, it’s likely something new is on the list. You might even be the one who contributed the idea.

There’s a central driver for many of these technologies—It’s data.

Data can drive solutions for global climate challenges, medical-epidemics, crime, economic instability, resource shortages, heck, even the traffic we sit in daily. The potential promise from a data-driven tomorrow is as amazing as it is daunting.

This is a forum, a Think Tank if you will, to illuminate how data is changing our world.

So let’s talk about it. Open discourse, discussion, debate, on our expectations, the implications and the true possibilities of data. Both on the power it holds to address humanity’s concerns as well as potential for peril and unintended consequences.

It was 60 years ago that both digital storage and artificial intelligence were born—that’s serendipity! The IBM RAMAC hard-disk drive let organizations think about data in new ways with the ability to mix and match it on the fly. Artificial intelligence in its infancy was not the same as we view it today. The ability to store vast amounts of captured and learned data has led to amazing insight, knowledge and wisdom. In this era of data abundance—what possibilities will it lead to?

The decisions we make today will frame the kind of world we’ll leave to future generations.

New topics will be introduced monthly, with opportunities to share, challenge and debate as we drive the data-informed conversation forward.

Who should join the conversation?

Everyone. We all have a responsibility to consider the possibilities and implications of applying data to the real-world. Your voice is one of experience and practicality, and it’s vital to the conversation.

How to join the conversation:

Pen an article. Email us to get involved.

Challenge or share an opinion. Comment or Tweet #DataMakesPossible

Feed the data. Take a poll.