Talking Data and Emerging Technologies with Mike Cordano

A Look at the Data Behind Emerging Technologies

At an exclusive, live event in New York City, Western Digital sponsored an industry gathering of nearly two dozen organizations, from tech titans to startups to nonprofits. The topic? How emerging technologies are redefining our future. In this video, we hear from Mike Cordano1, President and COO of Western Digital.

Emerging Technologies Produce Massive Amounts of Data

Each day, people use modern and emerging technologies around the world to collectively generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data.2 

To put this number into perspective, a typical computer-animated movie can typically take up to 250 TB.3 This means that we generate the equivalent of 10,000 computer animated movies in a single day.

A Look at The Data Behind Emerging Technologies

This is only one side of data being generated, namely by individual users. On the other side is data generated by machines, especially devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). As more IoT devices come online–some analysts predict 100 billion IoT devices active by 2030–the amount of data generated continues to rise each year.

It starts with creating an infrastructure to capture, preserve, access and transform data at massive scale. Historically, cloud computing has taken the lead when it comes to companies storing large sets of data. Now, as consumers use applications that demand faster access to data, more companies are looking to move data closer to the edge. In fact, edge computing may just be the key to fulfilling the promise of 5G networks.

“Everybody understands that crude oil has a certain value by the barrel. Data is going to replace that as the next currency of the future.” – Mike Cordano on the value of data

To make sense of all this data, Mike Cordano sees the need for better algorithms, especially those using machine learning. Faster, actionable insights mean the ability to make real-time decisions. This could open the door for emerging technologies to have a greater impact. He points out how real-time decisions could one day help autonomous vehicles prevent accidents on the road or medical doctors predict cancer by analyzing large sets of mammograms.

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