How Emerging Technologies are Redefining Our Future

Thank You for Watching the Value of Data Livestream!

To everyone who made it to our Value of Data event, your support helped make this event a resounding success!

For those who watched the livestream, participated in the conversation, and asked all the right questions, we’d like to thank you for being an integral part of the discussion about emerging technologies. We recently finished a day of inspiring talks, panels, and presentations about the emerging technologies that are creating more intelligent economies, businesses, and societies.

Find out how data might become the world’s most valuable asset.

Under our Data Makes Possible campaign, Western Digital sponsored a live event that hosted 11 sessions with 29 high-profile speakers from major tech companies and media outlets, including Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, and IBM. Our sessions covered a diverse lineup of topics regarding emerging technologies, such as: 

From senior tech executives to startup founders to head data scientists and more, our speakers and panelists looked through the lens of emerging technologies to understand the present and fuel the future. Our event had a remarkable turnout consisting of IT and business leaders, data scientists, and analysts, along with top-tier members of the media.

If you’re looking to relive our event, find talks from tech visionaries, or join the on-going conversations around the role of emerging technologies in shaping more meaningful experiences, take a look at all of our Value of Data series of whitepapers. Highlights from our event’s informative and thought-provoking sessions and panels will be up shortly.

Thank You for Watching the Value of Data Livestream!

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