Three Ways Data Technologies Helped Us Thrive This Year

Three Ways Data Technologies Helped Us Thrive This Year

There’s a big world full of data technologies out there. It’s helping us do simple things like navigate around a traffic jam. But it’s also being applied in poignant ways, like genomics and precision medicine.

Every day, more and more data is collected. The vital next step is ensuring all that wonderful information is being put to good use. This will require continuous innovation in data technologies like AI and machine learning, as well as re-thinking the infrastructure that supports them.

As the year comes to a close, Western Digital is celebrating the bright future in store for us all as we move towards a world where data can thrive. And no corporate holiday celebration would be complete without a video, so we’ve produced the one above to warm your heart and get you thinking about all the possibilities data is enabling in our lives.

In the video we hint at three applications of data that we’ve talked a lot about this year:

And because we know just how much you love to read about transformative ways data technologies are being put to use, we’re offering a roundup of our greatest hits from 2018 that address these topics.

Three Ways Data Technology Helped Us Thrive This Year

Climate Action Spotlight: A Data-Driven Approach to Pollution Problems

Last year, Western Digital hosted the Data for Climate Action Challenge in partnership with the United Nations Global Pulse. This data innovation challenge invited researchers and data scientists from around the world to submit solutions to help meet Sustainable Development Goal #13: Climate Action.

The winning proposal came from a combined INECC Mexico and UC Berkeley team who created a model to test infrastructure solutions that would decrease Mexico City’s pollution. What they found was unexpected.

Read the full story to see their data-modeling approach, findings and groundbreaking solution.

Can Feeding the Hungry be as Simple as Finding the Right Connections?

Hunger Relief Spotlight: Smarter Logistics for Feeding the Hungry

During the holidays we tend to be especially mindful towards those in need. But programs that are leveraging data for good to power automation can be smart all year round.

Could feeding the hungry be as simple as using data technologies to connect waste to need? That’s the idea behind Feed Rescue US, an app-based logistics platform to coordinate food donations (think of your favorite ride-sharing app, but for food deliveries).

Read more about the data that’s feeding America.

personalized medicine decrease the impact of diabetes

Precision Medicine Spotlight: Better Living Through Disease Management

The real power of precision medicine is in turning big data into personalized care.

Western Digital employee and type 1 diabetic, Deanne, shared her inspiring story this year as part of our Data & Me video series. Her “bionic” continuous glucose meter and insulin pump have turned monitoring data into actionable management. This personalized approach to treatment and prevention have been so helpful, she sometimes even forgets she has diabetes.

Read more about the amazing, data-driven advances in diabetes management.

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