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Data Science Tackles the Tough Questions

Janet George, Chief Data Officer & Scientist

Western Digital’s Janet George stops by the WiDS Podcast to share her career journey and current data science work.

Do Data Scientists Agree on Data Science?

To find out, Janet George and Principal Data Scientist Kirk Borne answer some of the Web’s most popular data science questions.

What Could Happen in a World That’s 4 Degrees Warmer

If our world becomes 4°C warmer, more could change than just our climate. The foods we love might go into extinction.

Data – Your Friendly, Environmental Watchdog

Congratulations to the 2019 WiDS Datathon Winners!


Train a model that takes as input a satellite image and outputs a prediction of how likely it is that the image contains an oil palm plantation.


Students, faculty, government workers, members of NGOs, or industry members. Teams must be between 1 – 4 people, with half of each team being women (self-identified as female).


Gaming consoles, e-readers, and more! Check out the lineup here (hint: our 4TB My Passport Ultra made the list!)

An aerial view of a large oil palm plantation in Malaysia.

If you’ve ever used cooking oil, tasted ice cream, or washed your hands with soap, there’s a good chance that you’ve used palm oil. In fact, it is estimated that the typical person consumes 17 pounds of palm oil each year.

The challenge of palm oil, however, is in growing it. Oil palm is limited to growing in tropical environments. This could lead to deforestation, higher carbon emissions, and loss of biodiversity. Can we use data to help save the environment from destruction?

Data Helps Make the World Go ‘Round

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