Watch Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Uber, UPS, IBM, and other tech titans discuss emerging technologies making a difference in 2018.

Whether it’s the ability to reduce air pollution by measuring traffic patterns, tracking a supply chain between companies and across borders, or the tapping into intelligent systems to unlock actionable insights and personal benefits, data is impacting every aspect of our economy, businesses, and personal lives.

Through the lens of emerging technologies like IoT, Blockchain and more, our virtual event will examine how data is becoming the world’s most valuable asset, making innovation possible and transforming the way we make decisions for the future.

Fireside Chat

Data is at the core of emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles and blockchain. Learn why the value of data will keep rising from Mike Cordano, President and COO, Western Digital.

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Data Explosion Driving The Next Frontier of Consumer IoT

Homes and cities are becoming smarter every day, thanks to an explosion of data from IoT devices. Find out about the next frontier of consumer IoT in this panel with CEO, Dennis Mortensen, Amazon Alexa Head Scientist, Rohit Prasad, and FitBit VP of Research, Shelten Yuen, moderated by Bloomberg Technology Reporter Julie Verhage.

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Data Philanthropy and Data for Social Good

Data can be used for more than predicting consumer behavior or optimizing a company’s logistical operations. It can also be a catalyst for positive social change. Listen to this panel with Microsoft Director of Technology & Civic Innovation, John Paul Farmer, UPS Lead Data Scientist Mallory Freeman, and Data Kind Executive Director Jake Porway, moderated by Director of Strategy for Bloomberg Data Analytics Victoria Cerullo.

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Augmented Reality: Applying the Next Layer of Value

Augmented reality is helping discover and communicate more actionable insights from complex data sets. Hear the full story in this presentation from Vital Enterprises CEO, Ash Eldritch, moderated by Bloomberg Businessweek's Features Editor, Max Chafkin.

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Blockchain: The New Solution to Old Problems

Can blockchain do for our everyday lives what the Internet did to transform global communication? Find out in this panel featuring Patientory CEO, Chrissa McFarlane, IBM Blockchain General Manager, Marie Wieck, UN Engagement and Blockchain Technology Special Advisor, Yoshiyuki Yamamoto, and Walmart Vice President of Food Safety, Frank Yiannas, moderated by Bloomberg Technology Reporter Gerrit De Vynck.

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Bloomberg Intelligence Presentation

Data tells a lot about the future of business, for both mature industries such as cloud computing and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. Hear from Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Technology Analysts, Anand Srinivasan and Mandeep Singh, as they share insights on the business of data.

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Driverless Cars Run on Data Not Gasoline

The vehicle fuel of the future? Rich data. With several startups and research institutions alike investing heavily into autonomous vehicles, data is a critical resource for driverless cars to understand road conditions better than humans. Hear from a panel featuring Perceptive Automata CTO, Sam Anthony, DeepMap COO, Wei Luo, Carnegie Mellon University Prof. Raj Rajkumar, and Waze Data Scientist, Michael Nanopoulos, moderated by Bloomberg Auto Industry reporter, Gabrielle Coppola.

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Augmented Intelligence: Coming to a City Near You

Reduced vehicle emissions. Energy efficient grids. The cities of the future are coming faster than you might think. Explore how emerging technologies are reshaping cities from moderator Bloomberg Associates Principal Linda Gibbs and panelists including Airbnb Head of Data Science, Elena Grewal, Uber Senior Data Scientist Jeremy Gu, and Panasonic North America VP and Head of CityNOW, Jarrett Wendt.

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