VC Talk: Investing in Smart Data and Machine Intelligence

Frank Chen, Partner, Andreessen Horowitz; Shivon Zilis, Partner, Bloomberg Beta

This is a golden age for investing in Artificial Intelligence. But as an investor, you are not merely looking for A.I., but, rather, you are looking for the big value in A.I. And that value is with the entrepreneurs who are exploring A.I.’s useful applications. Such as how to make trades. How to detect emotions. How to diagnose diseases. The most valuable of these entrepreneurial companies are those that focus on one, specific problem and solve it. Then find a neighboring, related problem, and solve that. And so on, building a branching expertise as a springboard to growth.


  • All applications will have A.I. as a key component much as all applications currently have relational databases
  • The big breakthroughs in A.I. right now revolve around deep learning
  • Deep learning has incredible traction and success

VC Talk: Investing in Smart Data and Machine Intelligence

What do you think?

What do you find most exciting about the current state of A.I.? Where do you think it will be in the next 12 months? If you were to invest in A.I., what would be your criteria? And how would you measure the success of your investment?

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