Western Digital Donates Challenge Awards

As part of Western Digital’s partnership with the U.N. Global Pulse to launch the Data for Climate Action Challenge, we’ve donated a number of awards in categories that will honor innovation and creative thinking to tackle problems around climate change.

Winners will be announced in the November of 2017 at an event with a global audience, including potential leaders that will be interested in the solutions and potentially even partner with winners to further the work. This is a huge opportunity to show how smart data can make a difference.


One grand prize winner (or team) will receive:

  • USD 16,000 cash prize
  • Exclusive interview with WIRED Brand Lab
  • @WIREDInsider social takeover*
  • Trip for up to two people to attend the awards event


One award will be granted for each of the three challenge themes:

  1. Climate Mitigation
  2. Climate Adaptation
  3. Climate & Other Sustainable Development Goals

For details on the Challenge themes, please visit The Challenge page at

Each thematic winner (or team) will receive:

  • USD 4,000 cash prize
  • @WIREDInsider social takeover*


One award will be granted for each of the two categories:

  1. Best Visualization or Application
  2. Best Paper

Each category winner (or team) will receive:

  • USD 1,000 cash prize

Show the world what you can do with data.

Enter the Challenge now by submitting your proposal at

*WIRED social media guidelines apply